Ink Bird is a high quality brand of beautiful greeting cards, founded in Australia featuring outstanding designs. Ink Bird puts great detail and love into every single product and develops new designs with passion.The team always strives for the highest quality and that “special feeling” when writing a note to a loved one.

“Ink” represents the fine texture used for writing letters and reflects the traditional handicraft that is used for manufacturing physical greeting cards. “Bird” pictures the messenger that delivers a note or letter to someone loved. Therefore the company name combines the nostalgic tradition of sending actual greetings on paper with meaningful content in times of quick emails and thoughtless sent texts.

The artistic mind behind INK BIRD, Oles Yurakov, stems from a family of passionate artists and graphic designers. He was brought up in a creative environment being exposed to design processes from an early age. He later studied Art and had various exhibitions in Sydney, Australia where he lives today.

The designs are inspired by the beautiful Australian environment such as birds and flowers including some of the most amazing Australian natives

Our designs are created in collaboration with highly skilled and talented graphic artists and pay attention to every detail. We use the highest standards for manufacturing and printing. Ink Bird greeting cards are modern, fashionable and sustainable in time.

Today the successful company sells their precious cards all over Australia and overseas in bookshops, news agencies, post offices and cafes. You can order online or find them at your local gift-shop. Additionally we are always happy to get in touch with new whole sellers around the world. Just send us a message and we also happily provide you with samples.